Hilary McAllister

Federal Candidate for Wannon

Hi, I'm Hilary

The major parties aren’t taking climate action seriously and we’re running out of time. Wannon locals are experiencing first-hand the threats of climate change and understand the need to act now.  Together we must ensure our iconic cultural and environmental ecosystems remain safe for future generations. These treasured coastal communities aren’t for sale - our farmers, small business owners and families need a strong voice. 

I will be a hardworking, bold representative for the people of Wannon so that we can thrive in a renewable, net zero future. And the best part is, if just a few hundred people changed their vote from the last election, the Greens can be in the balance of power and be able to push the next government to go bigger and bolder on confronting the climate crisis.

I’m running for Wannon because I know what’s at stake. The climate crisis affects coastal communities and farming families before it affects anyone in Canberra, and I’m eager to do everything I can to ensure our people and places are safe, healthy, and thriving.