Coal or The Reef? | Australian Greens

Coal or The Reef?

Join us to Stop Adani

The deadly Adani coal mine is a pollution bomb, and we cannot let it go ahead. Both Liberal and Labor support this deadly mine.

Right now, Malcolm Turnbull and Queensland Labor are set to hand over $1 billion in public money to this dodgy company.

Just like the campaign to save the Franklin River, this is the fight of our times. People power has won before, and we will win again.

Global warming is the number one threat to the Reef, and exporting millions of tonnes of coal through the Reef will make it even worse. Our leading Reef scientists have told us, we can have giant new coal mines, or we can have the Reef, but we cannot have both.

Will you stand alongside thousands of other everyday Australians to stop Adani’s coal and push back against the billionaires?