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Your Councillors

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Dale Martin

Councillor for Moreland, North-West Ward

I'm a local, passionate about our progressive and culturally diverse community. I care about promoting sustainable development and new clean energy initiatives to keep Moreland liveable.

Natalie Abboud

Councillor for Moreland, North-East Ward

I’m a Coburg North local, living with my husband and young kids in the northern suburbs, where I was born and raised. I enjoy the livability of our community and will stand for prosperous small business - the backbone of our economy.

Jess Dorney

Councillor for Moreland, South Ward

I'm an East Brunswick local and I love living in a diverse and vibrant community. I care about preserving our natural environment, supporting sustainable development and making sure walking and cycling is a safe and enjoyable option for everyone.  

Mark Riley

Councillor for Moreland, South Ward

I'm a Brunswick local and I love being active and collaborating with people here in Moreland. I care about listening to constituents concerns and suggestions to create positive outcomes for the local community and the whole of Moreland.