Lidia Thorpe | Australian Greens

Lidia questions the government over child care shortages in Northcote and Thornbury.

Lidia Thorpe, Gunnai/Gunditjmara women, calls for a change in the Government approach to Treaty, saying it must be led by the sovereign clans and their elders.

The Greens welcome reforms to allow churches and other unincorporated bodies to be sued for child abuse.

Lidia calls out the Government on it's failure to engage clans and elders in the treaty Advancement process.

Lidia Thorpe has thanked volunteers for the Batman campaign for their tireless work.

Greens share their pride on International Women's Day 2018.

Greens call for a Sports Stadium in Darebin to meet the needs of Women's sport

Lidia Thorpe celebrates the Darebin Falcons as one of Victoria's most successful women's sports clubs.

Lidia Thorpe questions the Government over slow progress on rental reform laws

Lidia Thorpe calls for the Victorian Government to Change the Date of Australia Day and enter into Clan based Treaties.