Sue Pennicuik | Australian Greens

On Saturday, 11 November, I attended the Remembrance Day service at Caulfield RSL, which is also the New Zealand sub-branch, as I always do. Georgie Crozier and David Southwick, the member for Caulfield in the Assembly, also attended, as they usually do as well.

I rise to speak briefly on the very important motion brought to the house today by my colleague Ms Springle, and I thank her for bringing this motion to the attention of the house, the Parliament and the community. I am rising briefly just to move an amendment to paragraph 3 of the motion as moved by Ms Springle.

I rise to speak on the motion moved by Mr Davis that planning scheme amendment 251, which was tabled on 17 October, to the Boroondara planning scheme and that applies to land at 3 and 10 Markham Avenue, Ashburton, be revoked. That land is otherwise known as the Markham public housing estate.

My constituency question is for the Minister for Public Transport. In June last year, by way of a constituency question, I asked the minister what was going to be the fate of the heritage Carnegie and Murrumbeena stations during the level crossing renewal project along the Caulfield–Dandenong line.

My question is for the Minister for Corrections, and it relates to the Ravenhall correctional facility, which opened last month. On 8 September I raised with the minister in question time the issue of double-bunking at Loddon Prison and whether the government had a time line for eliminating it in accordance with Corrections Victoria standards, which recommend single-cell accommodation.

My adjournment matter this evening is for the Minister for Agriculture, and it is in regard to the ongoing use of the flawed 2013 survey of hunter expenditure, which was commissioned by the former Department of Environment and Primary Industries and conducted by consultants RMCG, EconSearch and DBM Consultants.

It is with a great sense of responsibility that I contribute to the debate on the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 this evening. This is one of the most important bills that has come before the Parliament of Victoria and one that has attracted amongst the most community interest as well, which is to be expected. As has been shown over the years, the Victorian community is overwhelmingly in favour of voluntary assisted dying with appropriate checks and balances.

Minister, while I always welcome much-needed funding for any government school for the upgrade of their buildings, when I examined budget paper 4, 'State capital program', Bell Primary School, Northcote Primary School and Thornbury High School were not actually in the budget papers or the forward estimates. So my question is: how much funding is going to schools in Northcote over and above the budget allocation and what process was undergone to allocate that funding?

We now have average global temperatures 1 degree Celsius over the average and set for another 0.5 per cent coming towards us.

I was pleased to hear the Minister for Training and Skills confirm that funding for Auslan training will continue.

On 23 October I was very pleased to attend the 20th anniversary of the Port Phillip Citizens for Reconciliation (PPCR) — 'celebrating 20 deadly years'.

The Greens will not be supporting the bill put forward by Mr Bourman today. I am actually quite surprised at the comments made both by the government and by the opposition with regard to this bill.