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Environment Laws that Work

Monday, September 2, 2013

Australia's unique and priceless environment is under threat like never before, from climate change, habitat destruction, pollution and invasive species. Our laws are failing us - only the Greens are fighting for laws that will genuinely protect Australia's precious wild places and species.

The Greens care for our precious species and wild places. We will stand up for strong laws that offer the protection they need to survive this century.

The Greens are proposing a $346M plan to establish a Sustainability Commission, ensure the quality of information provided by environmental consultants, improve community rights before and after development decisions are made and including cumulative impacts and the precautionary principle into environmental decision-making.

We want new national environmental laws that actually protect our national heritage: laws that will see our biodiversity flourish and halt any further extinction of our unique wildlife, and save our ancient landscapes for generations to come.

The Greens were founded on the vision of a robust and healthy environment, and that vision continues today.

We are working hard to promote environmental values in Parliament and protect our unique wildlife and wild places.

It's clear the old parties will not do what it takes to protect Australia's environment: time and time again, they prioritise short term business interests over what's needed to stop our biodiversity crisis.

The Greens will stand up to care for our environment.

Read our plan here.