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Securing the future of Australia's forests and protecting places of great beauty and environmental significance.

Australia’s forests are globally significant. They are home to precious wildlife; including critically endangered birds and animals. Forests provide abundant clean water and they clean the air we breathe. As places of great beauty and inspiration our forests are magnificent drawcards for tourism and recreation.

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Our Plan

  • Immediately stop logging of all high conservation value forests. 
  • Implement a rapid planned transition out of native forest logging. 
  • Scrap Regional Forest Agreements (RFAs) 
  • Commit $25 million for the development of a comprehensive way forward for our forests and regional communities living in forest areas.
  • Protect wildlife and forest ecosystems through a new generation of strong national environmental laws, an independent environmental watchdog, re-establishing a Biodiversity Fund and a $130m Threatened Species Plan

A 21st century vision for our forests

Our forests help us in tackling global warming by trapping and storing carbon. The tall wet forests of southern Australia are the most carbon dense in the world. And allowing younger forests to grow old instead of being logged is one of the most effective means possible of soaking up carbon out of the atmosphere.

But the way our forests are managed is stuck in the 19th and 20th centuries. Sadly, clearfell logging and burning continues across Australia, destroying complex ecosystems, endangering wildlife, polluting waterways and depleting carbon stores. 

The Greens want a rapid planned transition for the timber industry to sustainable plantations and farm forestry, with logging of all high conservation forests stopped immediately. 

The Greens are the only party that understands that economic and a healthy society goes hand in hand with the protection of our natural heritage.

The Greens’ plan for sustainable wood products can be found here.


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