The Greens is the only party with a comprehensive policy platform developed from the grassroots up. 

  • We want a strong, jobs-rich economy that is also sustainable
  • We'll protect our valuable environment, and repair and save the Great Barrier Reef
  • We stand for clean, renewable energy — not fossil fuels
  • We'll protect our precious farmland and water from fracking 
  • We'll fight for investment in a world class public transport system
  • We'll hold politicians to account so they represent you, not big business
  • We believe everyone in Queensland has the right to a safe and happy life

View our full policy platform, or read how we're going to tackle these issues head on with practical initiatives.

cycling and pedestrians, cycleways

Safe Cycling, Cross River Rail and Brisbane Subway


A Brisbane Subway would fight congestion on major roads, and would take the pressure off other public transport services, boosting the capacity of Brisbane’s entire network. 

Solar panel installation

The mining boom is over, and the world is rapidly moving away from coal.  We need leadership from government to secure a just transition for workers and communities and the jobs of the future. The Greens would help Queensland power our economy on clean energy with our Renew Queensland plan.

Solar power: a fair go

We will help you take control of your power bills by making sure you are paid a fair price for solar. We'll also roll out 100,000 extra solar installations and invest in research.

Queensland public transport bus

We will reduce fares, invest $60 million in better bus, ferry and train services by improving frequency and commission a review of public transport in regional and remote Queensland.

No more coal seam gas on our farms

We support rural communities against the interests of mining companies. We want a ban on new coal seam gas projects and want laws which give you the right to say no to CSG on your land.

Solar panels and wind farms

 A 90% RET by 2030 would create thousands of jobs in regional Queensland.

The sunshine state can lead the transition to a sustainable renewable energy future and contribute to strong action on climate change.

Science and innovation

We will establish a major new research grant scheme for Queensland researchers, and support businesses to make great ideas a reality.

Intergrity in government handshake. Image: wikimedia commons

Political donations, secrecy and cronyism have poisoned our democracy. We must restore honesty, integrity and accountability to Queensland. Our democracy is not for sale.

A turtle swimming in the Great Barrier Reef

Our Reef is under serious threat. It's time for action - not talk. We will keep the Great Barrier Reef and the many jobs it supports on the political agenda.

Solar Panels and Mountains. Flickr User Cummings Properties

We want to make Queensland a renewable energy powerhouse. Townsville could lead Australia in clean, affordable baseload solar power that creates total of 1783 jobs.

Brisbane City River Eagle View

Done well, our planning and development system should make Queensland a better, fairer, healthier and more environmentally rich place to live and work both now and in the future.