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A safe passing distance means we can all share the road. A new Greens law in Victoria will make sure ‘A Metre Matters’.

We'll create a new national park on Melbourne’s doorstep to end native forest destruction and protect the Leadbeater's Possum. 

We've long campaigned for the abolition of puppy farms in Victoria. It's time to put a stop to this cruel industry.

Victoria's Clean Energy Future

In Victoria, we can lead the way to a clean energy future powered by sustainable, green energy.

 The Victorian Greens want to jumpstart the uptake of electric vehicles in Victoria by preventing 7,440 polluting cars from hitting Victorian roads and replacing them with electric vehicles. Electric vehicles can cut air and global warming pollution, help households and businesses save energy, and as we shift to renewable energy, save drivers money. 

You can trust the Greens to stand up for foster carers.

You can trust us to increase foster care placements by providing better support to carers.

You can trust the Greens to improve hospitals.

We will provide quality health care by redeveloping Footscray Hospital's Emergency and Inpatient Precinct.

You can trust the Greens to stand up for Aboriginal health.

We'll fight to close the gap in Aboriginal health with a $50 million investment for Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations.

All students deserve a high quality education, no matter where they live or their economic circumstances.

Proper access to palliative care services when needed.

We'll tackle the shortage in palliative care services to ensure Victorians have the best care at the end of their lives.

Teachers, principals and staff in schools need support and resources to bring out the best in their students.

The Greens plan for a smart, well-funded health system.

You can trust us to fight for increased health funding, real transparency in hospital waiting lists and to provide funds based on need.

Our school buildings and facilities should be among the best in the world and this means additional funding where it's needed most.

You can trust the Greens to stand up for rural and regional health.

We will invest $100m in local health services and programs to keep people healthy in rural and regional Victoria.

Victorian Disability and Mental Health Housing Action Plan

A Victorian Disability and Mental Health Housing Action Plan to secure more supported and accessible housing.

We will develop a Victorian Public Health Action Plan and invest $400 million to implement it.

You can trust the Greens to stand up for the ethical funding of political parties.

No more inappropriate influence by donors. We want all donations to political parties and candidates to be transparent. 

You can trust the Greens to stand up for retirees.

We will review and reform the retirement housing sector to ensure older people are not ripped off.

You can trust the Greens to tackle corruption.

We will give the anti-corruption body in Victoria (IBAC) real power to investigate and tackle political corruption.

You can trust the Greens to provide clear access to information.

You can trust us to extend the Freedom of Information laws to give you access to what you need. 

You can trust us to fight for access to tax-payer funded project records.

You can trust us to make sure the use of taxpayers’ funds is closely scrutinised.

Justice for institutional child sex abuse victims.

We will act to provide justice and compensation to Victorian institutional child sex abuse victims.

Greg Barber with a horse.

This booklet is a snapshot of the many important animal issues you'll see us work on in the next term of government.

We're committed to ending all forms of discrimination so that all individuals can realise their full potential.

We will fight for integrity and accountability in government decision-making and throughout the public service.

Justice Reinvestment is the best way to reduce crime, prevent offending and re-offending and the need for more prisons.

You can trust the Greens to stand up for dental health.

We will tackle dental disadvantage and provide mobile dental services to aged care residents.

We support smoke-free living.

We'll make outdoor dining and drinking areas smoke-free and end government investment in big tobacco companies.

You can trust us to legalise medical cannabis.

We believe in compassion for suffering people and the legalisation of medical cannabis.

We support the right for terminally ill people to choose a dignified death.

TAFE is being destroyed in Victoria. You can trust the Greens to stand up for TAFE, its teachers and students.

We'll increase V/Line coach services by 50%.

The Victorian Greens commit to increasing V/Line coach services by 50 percent across regional Victoria.

We will boost funding to Mental Health Community Support Services to provide care to those with episodic mental illness.

End Family Violence

We have a new Victorian Family Violence Action Plan to keep women and children safe and supported.

The Greens want an end to duck shooting. It's been banned in NSW, QLD and WA and it was never permitted in the ACT.

We want a new Women's and Children's hospital for Melbourne's west, funding for new neo-natal cots and children's elective surgery, and more maternity choices.

Victorian Solar Bank - cut the cost of energy; improve the state budget.

The Victorian Solar Bank (VSB) will harness the power of financial markets to cut the cost of clean energy and improve the state budget.

Safer advertising to children

It's important to protect the vulnerable and that means putting limitations on advertising that might negatively affect young children.

Open green space for healthy neighbourhoods

Our Melbourne Open Space Strategy will protect and expand green open space to ensure Melbourne remains a liveable city.

Greens Waste Management and Reduction Plan

With successive governments failing to properly manage and reduce waste, it’s the community that is getting dumped on.

Trucks and Our Health

We have an effective plan to get container trucks off local streets and freight onto rail. That way, we can all breathe easier and feel safer. 

Greg Barber, Sue Pennicuik and Colleen Hartland.

We want corrupt MPs to be investigated by the police, instead of other MPs. But are the old parties willing to expose their MPs to real integrity laws?

Jumps racing has been banned across most of Australia on the basis of cruelty, but still occurs here and in SA. It has to stop.

Colleen Hartland - Standing Up for the West

A tram connecting Footscray and Docklands/CBD will take 1,800 cars off our roads every hour and create a cheap, fast connection to work and entertainment destinations.

10c Refunds for Cans and Bottles in Victoria

The Greens' plan for a 10c refund scheme will reduce litter and improve the natural environment, create jobs and reduce climate pollution.

Secure Bike Parking at Train Stations

We have a plan to install secure bicycle parking at 40 train stations across Melbourne. This will encourage cycling and public transport use while reducing dependence on cars.

More trams to reduce overcrowding

More trams will reduce overcrowding. The Greens will purchase an additional 50 trams to be built in Dandenong.

Greg Barber MP Melbourne Tram

The people of Melbourne love our tram network, the biggest in the world. But many of our trams end inexplicably short of desired destinations. We will extend tramlines to better connect people.

Cut your power bills with the Greens Solar Savers plan

Fair go for solar savers is the Greens' plan to help Victorians save money on energy.

Geelong - Ballarat - Maryborough - Bendigo train link

Geelong to Bendigo train service via Ballarat and Maryborough. The Greens' plan to revive the Goldfields Rail Line.

We have a plan to fix train overcrowding.

We won't stand for it. Our plan will reduce overcrowding on our trains with smart investment now, to allow more trains on existing lines at busy times.

We'll provide $50 million per annum in capital grants to communities to develop bike riding and walking infrastructure in support of our state tourism strategies.