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With just a few key measures, we can switch videogame development difficulty in Australia from 'Veteran' to 'Regular'.

Workplace laws must be fair and protect all workers from unjust treatment and unsafe conditions.

See our plan for a connected, affordable, liveable and sustainable Perth.

The Greens WA want to secure funding and 15 year contracts for Indigenous Rangers to provide certainty.

Creating a world-class, diverse, accessible trades and training sector. 

By investing in harm reduction, we create better health outcomes for drug users and for our communities as a whole.

Only the Greens are standing up for our forests, with a plan to create secure jobs in the South West.

The Greens will always fight for a transparent and accountable Government.

We will protect the privacy and dignity of patients accessing reproductive services.

We have a plan to build a renewable energy network and solar power our homes.

Investment in tourism can bring jobs and deliver secure livelihoods to Western Australians, whilst protecting our natural places and preserving and enhancing our heritage and cultural diversity.

We're standing up for compassion, diveristy and strength in our shared humanity.  

The Greens’ Energy 2030 Plan harnesses the Goldfields’ region as one of the best in the world for large scale solar power

To protect our communities from the increasing risks of bushfires associated with the locked in effects of climate change we need a coordinated and evidence-based approach to fire management.