Safe Access Zones

We will protect the privacy and dignity of patients accessing reproductive services.

The Greens will campaign to provide for a 150m safe access zone around abortion clinics and service providers to ensure a patient’s right to medical privacy. Under this initiative, people will be able to continue to express their views on abortion, but they will have to do it in other places.

The Greens (WA) will;

• Provide for exclusion zones (also known as safe access zones) around premises at which abortions are provided to ensure the safety, well-being, privacy and dignity of people accessing the services provided at the premises, their partners, health professionals and other staff.

• Makes it an offence for a person who is in an exclusion zone to bother, beset, harass, intimidate, interfere with, impede, obstruct or threaten, by any means, a person who is accessing, leaving, or attempting to access or leave, premises at which abortions are provided.

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