Australian Greens Deputy Convenor

Closing Date

Thursday, July,16 2020 - 11:59 pm

Nominations are sought to fill a vacancy for the elected role of Deputy Convenor of the Australian Greens. The position description for the role and the role of Convenor which the Deputy is to support are below, as covered in the By Laws:

8.3 National Convenor

When there are Co-Convenors they will decide between themselves the allocation of duties. Co-Convenors shall exercise the Convenor’s single vote or blocking power by agreement and failing agreement shall not vote or block consensus. 

The duties of the Convenor are to:

• Perform the following tasks with regard to all National Council meetings and National Conferences:

o In conjunction with the Secretary, ensure that the appropriate notice of meeting, agenda and motions on notice are provided in within the required time.

o Ensure that a facilitator is appointed for each meeting.

o Ensure that the business of each meeting is properly addressed.

• Present an Annual Report to the Annual National Conference.

• Liaise with The Party Room and the Federal Parliamentary Leader.

• Perform such other duties as the national organisation may from time to time determine.

8.3.1 Deputy Convenor

The Deputy Convenor is to be considered as an office bearer when acting as a replacement for the Convenor. The duties of the Deputy Convenor are to:

• Whenever required and requested, by the Convenor assist in carrying out the duties described above.

• Substitute for the Convenor at National Council meetings, and National Conferences if they cannot attend.

• Perform such other duties as the national organisation may from time to time determine.


Nominations should be made using this form and be sent to by Thursday 16 July, 2020.

At its meeting on the weekend of 18 & 19 July, National Council will appoint a new Deputy Convenor on an interim basis until an election can be held at the next National Conference in November 2020.

Contact for further information.