EXTENDED: Party Member and Supporter Database Project (Phase 1) Proposals

Closing Date

Sunday, January,31 2021 - 11:59 pm

Request for Proposals - applications will be reviewed as they are received

Asia-Pacific Greens Federation (APGF) - 2/97 Northbourne Avenue, Turner, ACT 2612


Proposal deadline: Proposals will be considered until a suitable Consultant is selected 

Budget: Negotiable based on Consultant’s experience and typical cost in Consultant’s country or  residence 

Contact person: Nick Cooper - APGF General Secretary; secretary@asiapacificgreens.org; ph: +61 476 722 027 



The Asia-Pacific Greens Federation (APGF) has received funding for a party database pilot project.  The purpose of the project is to provide two parties within the Federation with a member and  supporter database that allows them to administer and communicate with their members and  supporters. 

This Request for Proposals is for Phase 1 of the project, which will consist of 1) scoping the needs  of selected parties, 2) scope publicly available solutions, 3) evaluate the suitability of publicly  available solutions, and 4) recommend a Phase 2 project implementation plan and budget for either  implementing a publicly available solution or a custom solution. 


APGF is a federation of 21 Green political parties across the Asia, Pacific, and Middle East regions.  The Federation exists to support its member parties, build their capacity, create a regional political  presence, represent the region to the Global Greens, and generate regional networks of leaders  and activists pursuing political change aligned with the Global Greens Chater.  

Member and supporter databases, and the ability to easily communicate with members and  supporters, are necessary for political parties to govern their affairs and pursue political change.  However, many of APGF’s member parties are small or emerging and lack the financial and  technical capacity to implement their own solutions.

APGF has received a grant to implement a member and supporter database and communication  platform in 2 pilot member parties. The project is split into two Phases. Phase 1 concerns scoping  the needs of selected member parties and identifying practical and achievable solutions to meet  these needs, and is the basis for this Request for Proposals. Phase 2 concerns the implementation  of solutions in two selected APGF member parties, as a pilot. 

Project Goals 

The overarching goal of this Phase 1 project is to identify a member and supporter database and  communication solution that meets the requirements of two APGF member parties. 

This first Phase of the project will not implement the solution(s), but lay the foundation for  implementation in Phase 2. 

Scope of Work 

This Phase of the project is expected to: 

1. Scope the member and supporter database and communication needs of selected pilot  parties 

  1. Meet with the APGF Party Database project team to clarify expectations and grant  constraints 
  2. Meet and have ongoing dialogue with selected pilot parties 
  3. Understand the legal and regulatory requirements of pilot parties 
  4. Articulate the core and secondary technical required functionality of the database  solution 
  5. Articulate the core and secondary technical required functionality of a database  communication integration 
  6. Understand pilot parties’ financial capacity to maintain a database solution g. Identify required language support (for example, the solution must include support for  X language(s)) 

2. Scope publicly available solutions 

  1. Identify and review publicly available member and supporter database options, such  as CiviCRM, NationBuilder, ActionNetwork, etc. 
    1. Include and document native communications features and costs
    2. Include extensibility and available communications integrations 
  2. Identify publicly available communications integrations, such as SendGrid,  MailChimp, Amazon SES, etc. 

3. Evaluate the suitability of publicly available solutions against pilot party needs and budget  constraints 

  1. Compare and document the functionality of publicly available solutions (and required  integrations) against pilot party requirements, including financial considerations
  2. Present evaluation to the Party Database project team 
  3. Identify a preferred solution(s) from those evaluated 

Note: If no publicly available solution adequately addresses the needs and  constraints of the pilot parties, the evaluation may recommend both the most  applicable public solution and a custom solution 

4. Recommend a Phase 2 implementation plan based on the results of the evaluation a. Where a suitable publicly available solution (or combination of solutions) exists,  document and recommend a Phase 2 implementation plan articulating: 

  1. The solution components and their required integration
  2. A suggested work plan, timeline and budget for Phase 2 
  3. An estimate of ongoing subscription, maintenance, hosting, and other  ancillary costs 

Where a suitable publicly available solution (or combination of solutions) does not  exist, document and recommend a Phase 2 implementation plan articulating:

  1. What solution components can be sourced from publicly available sources
  2. What solution components cannot be sourced from publicly available sources
  3. What custom functionality is required to meet the core needs of pilot parties
  4. A suggested work plan, timeline, and budget to develop custom components
  5. An overall suggested work plan, timeline, and budget to implement and  integrate custom and publicly available solution components 
  6. An estimate of ongoing subscription, maintenance, hosting, and other  ancillary costs 

Submission requirements 

To submit a proposal, please email the APGF General Secretary, Nick Cooper, at  secretary@asiapacificgreens.org 

You should include: 

  1. Name and contact information 
  2. A cover letter (maximum 2 pages) outlining: 
    • Your previous relevant experience 
    • How you would approach this project 
  3. Your proposal, including:  
    • A project work plan and timeline addressing the Scope of Work 
    • Including number of hours per work plan item 
  • A proposed budget 
    • Including rate per hour 
    • 2 references for similar work