Volunteer Digital Archivists

Closing Date

Friday, April,17 2020 - 11:59 pm

National Council resolved, on 16 Feb 2020, “to set up a team to deal with the ongoing archiving of its digital records”. This decision was prompted by the realisation that the Australian Greens and its constituent State and Territory Parties have been operating substantially paperless offices since about 2005.

We two – Michaela Hart and Colin Smith - were appointed as the “interim organisers” of the “team”. Michaela is a practicing digital archivist and a member of Greens Victoria. She works at the Department of Health and Human Services in Melbourne. Colin, also in Greens Victoria, is the current Archivist of the Australian Greens. Appointed in 1998, he has substantially completed the job of capturing paper records documenting the first 15 years or so of the AG and its constituent State and Territory Parties. Some 40 shelf metres of material has been sorted and listed, and deposited in six major public repositories.

Both of us being based in Melbourne, we would like to extend the team to include representation of other States and Territories - also to widen our base of experience and expertise. We would therefore be interested to receive expressions of interest including relevant information re qualifications and experience.

We envisage that the proposed team will:

  • Consult and advise regarding the archiving of digital records of the AG and its constituent parties
  • Ensure that residual paper records are archived
  • Be ‘hands-on’ to a degree
  • Function as an ongoing working group of National Council
  • Meet and communicate by phone and electronically as required.

We consider that members of the team should include:

  • Some representation of each State and Territory Party
  • Persons with both archival and IT expertise
  • Persons with other relevant interests and expertise (eg. historians and journalists)
  • (Maybe) salaried staff, or persons who are not Greens members.

Expressions of interest should be submitted to colinvictorsmith@gmail.com by Friday 17 April.