Kirsty Petersen | Australian Greens

Kirsty Petersen

Candidate for Waterford

As a longtime resident of Waterford, I’m eager to ensure our community continues to thrive. Be it housing affordability, education, or public transport, Waterford deserves better than its current lot and I’m determined to assist in bringing about better outcomes.  

With three children attending school in the electorate, I recognise the value of our education system and I want to see our schools thrive with equitable funding. As a mediator in a family law practice, I know our State government could be doing more to support separating and divorced families including providing access to services to support families exposed to family and domestic violence. Ensuring we have strong laws and support in areas like affordable housing can also contribute to supporting Waterford families.

As more and more people move into our suburbs, we need our State parliament to hold property developers accountable and preserve our natural environment. In addition to this, new properties in the area must be accompanied with investment in public infrastructure like public transport, better roads and public schools in order to deal with increased demand.

I believe that the current system is stacked in favour of corporations rather than the betterment of Queenslanders’ lives, and to begin to address this issue, it’s imperative that we impose a ban on political donations from property developers, gambling, tobacco, and alcohol corporations. State politicians need to stand up against privatisation and corporate influences, and work towards achieving positive outcomes for Queenslanders.

I’m proud to stand as the Greens candidate for Waterford in this state election.