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Phasing Out Live Animal Exports

End the cruelty and boost local jobs.

The live export trade is inherently cruel. Australia can provide a more economically robust and humane alternative to the live export trade by boosting boxed meat exports. This will create thousands of jobs across regional Australia.

Each year Australia typically exports between 500,000 and one million cattle mainly to Indonesia, and between two to three million sheep mainly to the Middle East. Most of these animals come from Northern and Western Australia.

Live exports are cruel

The horrific mistreatment of animals in the live export trade continues unabated. Evidence shows Australia’s minimal live export welfare regulations do not work, with Australia losing any control of conditions once the animals leave our shores. The barbaric cruelty suffered by animals in the live export chain is not uncovered by the industry or government officials, but by independent investigations and our courageous non-profit animal welfare investigators.

There is overwhelming public demand for humane and accountable treatment of animals and an end to this inherently cruel commercial trade in suffering.

However, Australian governments continue to sanction the cruelty by refusing to change woefully inadequate minimum animal welfare standards and making industries transparent and accountable.

The Greens are deeply committed to phasing out the shockingly cruel live export trade. Our Live Animal Export (Slaughter) Prohibition Bill was reintroduced into the parliament in 2014. If passed it would end live exports from Australia.

Investing in local jobs and local livestock

The Greens also have a plan that identifies five key issues governments should undertake to transition away from this cruel trade and to support our domestic meat processing sector by growing our more economically sustainable chilled meat trade.

The Greens are the only federal parliamentary party to have a specific portfolio responsibility for animal welfare. We are deeply committed to improving the welfare and wellbeing of animals, and will continue working with Australia's animal welfare and rights organisations to achieve this.


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