20 Questions with Dominic Mugavin | Australian Greens

20 Questions with Dominic Mugavin

Dominic is the Party Director for The Greens SA.  Naturally he is focused on the upcoming State election campaign but found a few moments to disclose some of his goals and motivations.

By Dominic Mugavin
Friday, January 19, 2018

1. What do you remember about your first election?  

My first election was in 2007 when SA first elected a Greens senator. I was at uni and saw Sarah Hanson-Young speak passionately about the rights of refugees and people seeking asylum. Just like now, The Greens were the only ones speaking up for human rights.

2. Endangered Australian animal who's captured your heart?

The Northern hairy-nosed wombat. As someone of Lebanese decent, I empathise with anything that is defined by the characteristics of its nose.

3. What’s your precious place and why? 

The south end of Sellicks Beach, where the cars can't drive, dogs are off the leash, and there's a small waterfall if you walk right to the end. My grand-parents bought a beach house at Sellicks when I was very young and it's still in the family so I spend some time there every summer. Great place to get some reading done.

4. Favourite Greens policy?

All our democracy policies. We should all be able to have a say in the future direction of our country. At the moment, people with too much wealth have too much power.

5. Best part of your work with the Greens?

Knowing that I am contributing to making the world a better place, and if I'm doing my job right, empowering others to contribute too.

6. What keeps you going?

Hope that the future can be better.

7. Favourite political song? 

Which Side Are You On? Either Billy Bragg or Pete Seeger.

8. Who inspires you? Why?

The local activists I know organising their communities and making change.

9. Comfort food?

Hummus, doesn't matter what it's on.

10. What would you spend $20 billion on? 

A publicly owned NBN.

11. Secret vice?

Snacks, preferably chocolate.

12. Best coffee/drink in town? 

I'm not fussy, I'll drink anything.

13. Three apps you can’t live without?

Podcast Addict, Facebook, Twitter.

14. What did you want to be when you grew up?


15. Morning run or night time swim?

Morning run if I'd have to choose, but I prefer to ride my bike in the Adelaide Hills.

16. What’s your greatest hope for the future?

That people can outmuscle the wealthy so that we'll actually have a future. Too many of the people who currently have power don't want to act on climate change, so we need to change who has the power.

17. Magic wand to solve one world problem — what would it be?

Everyone having access to a free, high quality education.

18. What advice would you give a new volunteer?

Keep showing up.

19. You can travel through time – where do you go?

100 years into the future, just to make sure it's ok.

20. If you weren’t doing this for a living, what would you be doing?

Not sure, but probably something much less interesting.