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20 Questions with Robin Knox

Robin Knox has been an Alderman for the City of Darwin since 2010, having lived in Darwin since 1979. She has experience in business, and has been a health researcher for the Fred Hollows Foundation, established the ‘women’s ranger program’ for the Northern Land Council and conducted park management research for the Centre for Indigenous Natural and Cultural Resource Management. Robin has also lived and worked in England and Botswana, where she established a museum and cultural centre and helped found Botswana’s first Women Against Rape Program.

By Emma Davidson
Monday, August 14, 2017

Name: Robin Knox

Age: 60

Role with the Greens: Alderman for City of Darwin

What do you remember about your first election?
Very busy time, not particularly difficult but hard seeing my photo on placards everywhere, people generally friendly, Greens helped with campaign, friends helped with letter boxing and on election day, shocked by number of votes I received for an easy win, congratulatory phone call from Bob Brown.

Endangered Australian animal who's captured your heart?
Bilby is most memorable.  

What's your precious place and why?
Remote parts of Kakadu because they are peaceful, beautiful and spiritual.

Favourite Greens policy?
Environmental protection

Best part of your work with the Greens?
Building a better community and helping people who have issues.

What keeps you going?
Reducing the negative influence of some elected members on planning and improvements to our community.

Favourite political song?
It's time for change

Who inspires you and why?
Bob Brown because he held strong to his beliefs in the face of strong opposition.

Comfort food?
Chocolate or fresh mangoes.

What would you spend $20b on?
Adequate housing for Aboriginal people in NT communities and renewable energy projects.

Secret vice?
Tango Dancing!

Best coffee in town?
Fresh fruit drink from local markets.

Three apps you can't live without?
Maps when travelling, Council Click and Fix, podcasts to listen to.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Happy with lots of friends.

Morning run or night time swim?
Night time swim looking at the stars.

What's your greatest hope for the future?
A sustainable planet.

Magic wand to solve one world problem — what would it be?
Stabilise population growth.

What advice would you give a new volunteer?
Be happy and understanding of opposing views.

You can travel through time — where do you go?
Playing with grandchildren I don't yet have!

If you weren't doing this for a living, what would you be doing?
Volunteering my time for the causes I believe in.