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20 Questions with Rosalie Gorton-Lee

Rosalie Gorton-Lee is the Tasmanian Greens' Convenor and Fundraising Coordinator.

By Rosalie Gorton-Lee
Friday, April 20, 2018

1. What do you remember about your first election?  

Excitement, challenge ... and a big learning curve.

2. Endangered Australian animal who's captured your heart?

Tasmanian giant freshwater lobster.

3. What’s your precious place and why? 

Tasmania and, in particular, where I live in the bush. Tasmania is where I call home. It's almost spiritual for me, the deep sense of belonging to this country.

4. Favourite Greens policy?

While climate change is my main focus, my favourite policy would have to be the drug policy. We so desperately need to change the conversation to prevention and care, rather than a law and order prospectus.

5. Best part of your work with the Greens?

The awesome people I work with. The challenges, and the skills I have had to learn.

6. What keeps you going?

Knowing there are Greens in all level of government doing the work I believe in, and that in some small way I helped them get there.

7. Favourite political song? 

We shall not be moved.

8. Who inspires you? Why?

Rosalie Woodruff, Greens MP in Franklin Tasmania – because she can do the job I not only couldn't do but wouldn't want to do. I am very pleased she has been elected.

9. Comfort food?

Fresh food from my garden, eaten while I water.

10. What would you spend $20 billion on? 

Getting more Greens elected at every level of government, here and around the world. That, and getting women and girls educated around the world.

11. Secret vice?

Doing cartwheels on the beach.

12. Best coffee/drink in town? 

The first coffee of the day at my place.

13. Three apps you can’t live without?

I could live without all of them!

14. What did you want to be when you grew up?

A lighthouse keeper.

15. Morning run or night time swim?

I walk my dog Milly everyday, many times a day.

16. What’s your greatest hope for the future?

Personally: that I keep learning something new until the day I die. Globally: that we will be proactive on climate change.

17. Magic wand to solve one world problem — what would it be?

I want two: take charge on climate change, and education for women around the world.

18. What advice would you give a new volunteer?

Become active, get outside your comfort zone, and be persistent.

19. You can travel through time – where do you go?

To the place I go every day in meditation ... it doesn't have a particular time zone.

20. If you weren’t doing this for a living, what would you be doing?

I don't do this for a living, I am a full time volunteer. It is what I choose to do with my time and skill.