20 Questions with Robin Chapple | The Greens (WA)

20 Questions with Robin Chapple

Everybody in WA held their breath before we discovered that once again, Robin Chapple, aka Lazarus, had defied the odds and secured a spot in the WA Parliament. But who's the man beneath the hat?

By Rosanne Bersten
Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Robin Chapple is the member for Mining and Pastoral region of WA — he was first elected to the seat in 2001, then lost it in 2005 and was re-elected to it in 2008. 

1. What do you remember about your first election?

My daughter at the age of 11 running my campaign.

2. Endangered Australian animal who has captured your heart?

The Pipistrelle bat — it's sadly now extinct.

3. What’s your precious place and why?

Burrup Peninsula, the world's oldest and most important archaeological site. 

4. Favourite Greens policy?

The Environmental Sustainability pillar.

5. Best part of your work with the Greens?


6. What keeps you going?

Desire for a sustainable future.

7. Favourite political song?

"I wanna be elected" — Alice Cooper.

8. Who inspires you? Why?

Jo Vallentine, I worked incognito on her first election campaign.

9. Comfort food?

Avocado on toast.

10. What would you spend $20 billion on?

Buy a news media outlet, promote the Greens, establish a trust to provide low interest loans to renewable energy projects.

11. Secret vice?

As an engineer, I'm fascinated by the potential technological innovations in formula E (Motor racing). So many useful technological advancements come from formula E racing.

12. Best coffee/drink in town?

Kimberley Coffee Company, Broome.

13. Apps you can’t live without?

ABC News, Shopping list app, Banking app.

14. What did you want to be when you grew up?

A fireman, of course!

15. Morning run or night time swim?


16. What’s your greatest hope for the future?

That we take the politics out of science.

17. Magic wand to solve one world problem — what would it be?

Remove the notions of hate and greed.

18. What advice would you give a new volunteer?

Understand that you may not be successful this time, but through collective action you eventually will be.

19. You can travel through time — where do you go?

The future, see what mistakes we'll make and try rectify them in the present.

20. If you weren’t doing this for a living, what would you be doing?

An activist.