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Greg Boland for Cottesloe

Going after the blue riband seat vacated by Colin Barnett

By Viv Glance, GI Co-editor
Tuesday, March 6, 2018

March 17th 2018 is a BIG day!

Not only is it Saint Patrick’s Day, but it is also the state election day in South Australia, by-election day in Batman in Victoria – and here in Western Australia it’s the Cottesloe by-election.

 Our Greens candidate for the seat, vacated by former Premier Colin Barnett, is Greg Boland.  

 Greg is no stranger to campaigning. He has been elected to Cottesloe Council three times, and is currently the Deputy Chair of the Cottesloe Residents and Ratepayers Association, and on the Cottesloe Coastcare Committee. A Cottesloe resident for 26 years, he’s worked as a Legal Aid Lawyer and has a long-standing commitment to social justice and protecting our environment. 

 Greg is an avid beach goer. ‘I enjoy spending time at our coastline and in our precious areas of local bushland.’ He believes Cottesloe has been taken for granted by the Liberal Party for too long, and the issues important to its local community need greater priority from the State Government, particularly the beaches and green spaces which are enjoyed by many people across the Perth Metro area.

 Greg has been the Greens Candidate for Cottesloe before and he has the skills and experience to run a good and effective campaign. He knows that the local community wants to protect our precious places and green spaces for everyone. Better public infrastructure and taking local action to address the effects of climate change are also on his list of issues. And finally getting the Principal Shared Path/Cycleway along the railway line from Swanbourne to North Fremantle is a top priority.

Often seen as a ‘safe’ Liberal seat, Greg thinks that this time the result can be different for Cottesloe!

He’s speaking to as many residents as he can, to ask them to vote differently to how they normally vote. Greg also looks to history for this inspiration, 'We do well in by-elections. In 2001, in the same scenario, when former Premier, Richard Court, resigned his seat of Nedlands, the Greens came very close to winning the seat. We came up second party preferred at 47%!’ Maybe it could happen again in Cottelsoe. The campaign slogan is even ‘This time it’s different. Vote Green’

To help make this a reality, jump in and help with Greg’s by-election campaign. Join us for doorknocking, or sign up to help out a polling booth during pre-poling or on March 17th!

Contact Laurel de Vietri to see how you make a difference ‒ email:  

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Photo: Greg Boland at Cottesloe Beach