Why I got involved - the Scott effect | The Greens (WA)

Why I got involved - the Scott effect

Here's one reason why I got involved in the Greens - in video.

By Steven Ebsary, WA Greens Volunteer
Thursday, November 2, 2017
It was early 2014 in WA, and a "historic by-election" had been called. 

The first time I heard the name "Scott Ludlam" was the now infamous speech he gave.

The campaign was now on to make sure he was re-elected after narrowly missing out.

#ourspeech - the internet responds - and so do I

A cool politician? Dj S-ludz - Maybe I need to volunteer?

After a few failed volunteer phone banking attempts before the by-election, I decided it wasnt my thing, but I found a party and a politician to get behind. He was talking about issue's that mattered to me, in a way that made sense.

(another dj video)

The First Speech - of many

More videos can be found on The Australian Greens Youtube channel

We have only touched the surface - "9 Times Scott Ludlam Was Too Nerdy To Handle" (Mark Mark Di Stefano - Buzzfeed)

Time to get involved - The 2016 Federal Campaign

After a friend mentioned they were working on (the now WA State MP) Tim Clifford's 2016 federal campaign, I decided it was time to get involved again. 

This video was taken on the first day I volunteered during the campaign... and we did get Rachel (and Scott) back in.

Scott's Highlight Reel

There's so many video's I can post, so here's a wrap the team did...

Fremantle - Western Australia

Scott's home town (and close to where I also grew up). Read about the man, the hair, and more - bio - Wikipedia - or google.

Thanks Scott

Header Image: WA Greens 2016 Federal Election Candidates