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MYEFO 2017

The Turnbull Government's end-of-year mini budget is mean-spirited, wringing savings out of young people, struggling families and newly arrived migrants in order to keep funding tax cuts to their wealthy mates from the big end of town.

The Turnbull Government has got just that little bit meaner with 2017 MYEFO budget, which unfairly targets young people, struggling families and newly arrived migrants with $6 billion in cuts.

The Government would like you to believe that everything is rosy, but here's what they're not telling you: wages remain stagnant, there's a household debt-bomb ticking away and inequality is growing because of the Coalition's blind faith in trickle-down economics.

The government has a choice: boost wages for people or give tax cuts to the few and hope for the best.

This budget once again screws over young people. While Turnbull strips $2.1 billion out of our universities and students, big multinationals and corporate fat cats continue to avoid paying their fair share of tax.  

Most of today’s politicians enjoyed a free university education, affordable housing and secure jobs with steady wage growth waiting for them when they graduated. None of this will be available to the current generation of young Australians unless we dramatically change course.

The Senate will again need to stand firm against a government that wants to cut services to young people, struggling families and migrants so that it can give massive tax cuts to the big end of town.

The Government knows that it cannot get its university cuts through the Senate or the ballot box, so now it’s trying to sneak them through the back door.

Raising the Revenue


Removing tax-free fuel and other perks for miners

$24 billion

Removing the capital gains tax discount and negative gearing

$14 billion

Cancel Joint Strike Fighter Acquisition

$17 billion

Putting a price on carbon pollution

$16 billion

Limiting debt loading by companies

$2 billion

Stopping the concealment and splitting of income by trusts

$4 billion

Reverse recently passed income tax cuts for highest earners

$4 billion

End Tax Avoidance   Clean Up Politics