Lack of oversight by Education Department failing to protect vulnerable students

Greens Education spokesperson Sue Pennicuik, said today that the report by the Victorian Ombudsman into expulsions in Government schools has again highlighted the risks of allowing high levels of autonomy in government

Upper house agrees to inquiry into government plans to privatise public housing estates - Greens

Greens MP Sue Pennicuik this week successfully moved to establish a Parliamentary Inquiry into the Andrews' government’s plans to privatise public land on inner city housing estates under the Public Housing Renewal Program (PHRP).

1 August - all horses' birthday is time to remember the continuing toll of jumps racing in Victoria: Greens

Today on all horses birthday, we should remember that it is not a happy day for the 62 horses killed in jumps racing events in Victoria in the last ten years, Victorian Greens Animal Welfare spokesperson, Sue Pennicuik MLC said today.

Greens say Victorian parole laws already very strict

“In light of the tragic siege in Brighton, it is understandable that questions are again being asked about the adequacy of Victoria’s parole system.

Grand Annual Steeplechase and Casterton jumps races blasted in state parliament

Ms Pennicuik responded to comments made by Western Victoria MP James Purcell in parliament earlier this month praising the May Racing Carnival and in particular the Grand Annual Steeplechase.

Government abandons ambitious pledge to make schools 'asbestos free'

The Victorian government has backed down from its extravagant promise to remove all asbestos from Victorian schools.

Appeal for Victoria spent conviction laws

Small-time criminals who have learnt their lesson deserve a clean slate and a spent conviction so they can become productive members of society, says a legal advocacy groups.

Wreckers move in on Greyhound Hotel after Planning Minister fails to deliver on heritage protection

Southern Metropolitan Greens MP Sue Pennicuik said Mr Wynne “deserved to go down as the Minister for the Wrecking Ball” for refusing to protect the Greyhound.

Education Department not able to properly plan for new schools and maintenance: Greens

Victorian Greens education spokesperson Sue Pennicuik MP said today that a new Auditor General report has found that the Department for Education and Training needs to improve its long-term

Greens anoint Wynne the Minister for the Wrecking Ball

Greens Southern Metro MP Sue Pennicuik has anointed Richard Wynne the Minister for the Wrecking Ball following his failure to protect the Greyhound Hotel in St Kilda, just weeks after he failed to stop the demolition of the historic London Hotel in Port Melbourne.