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Government loses opportunity on jury directions bill

Victorian Greens Justice spokesperson, Sue Pennicuik, expressed surprise at the defeat of the Jury Directions Amendment Bill 2013 in the Legislative Assembly last night. The bill was voted down by the Opposition and Geoff Shaw because the government forced it to a vote when there had been no debate on the proposed laws.

Minister fails to explain his approval of controversial Chapel St high rise

“Planning Minister Matthew Guy has failed to explain or account for his intervention to allow two high rise towers of 69 and 94 metres when the height preferred for the Forrest Hill precinct under Stonnington Council planning scheme is 38 metres,” Greens MP for Southern Metropolitan Region Sue Pennicuik said in moving a motion in state parliament this week to disallow the Minister's amendment to the Stonnington planning scheme.

Greens say more resources needed to support parole board

“The Greens supported the passage of the Corrections Amendment (Breach of Parole) Bill 2013, through parliament this week, however we raised concerns as to whether the new offence of ‘breaching parole’ will be effective in preventing the horrific crimes that have been committed by some parolees in recent years,” Victorian Greens Justice spokesperson, Sue Pennicuik said today.

Greens support National Tree Day

Greens MP for Southern Metropolitan region, Sue Pennicuik is supporting Planet Ark’s National Tree Day at a local school today and at Elwood Canal and Gardiner’s Creek on Sunday.

National Tree Day is Australia’s largest tree-planting and nature care event. Each year around 200,000 people take part in National Tree Day events at thousands of sites organised by councils, schools, businesses, and communities across the country.

“Today I will be planting trees with students from Malvern Primary School and on Sunday I’ll be helping out at Elwood Canal and Gardiner’s Creek.” Ms Pennicuik said. “I’m looking forward to meeting up with lots of local residents who also like to get outside, connect with nature and improve their local environment.”

Greens say we need independence on crime statistics

“The latest release of crime statistics by Victoria Police highlights the need for an independent agency to manage, collate and publish such information,” said Greens Justice spokesperson Sue Pennicuik today.

“On releasing the figures, Acting Chief Commissioner Lucinda Nolan said family violence reporting had driven up the overall crime rate for the past 18 months and that the increase in the crime rate was also due to more detected drug offences and other offences,” said Ms. Pennicuik. “But we don’t have an independent assessment of the statistics and what is driving the crime rate up.”

Greens concerned at resignation of yet another top OPI officer

Greens MP and Justice spokesperson, Sue Pennicuik has expressed concern at the resignation of the Director of Operations of the Office of Police Integrity (OPI), John Nolan yesterday.

"The resignation of Mr Nolan is a concern,” Ms Pennicuik said. “He was a founding member of the OPI and a key figure in the OPI’s investigation into police brutality inside the armed offenders squad. He was also expected to take up a senior position at the yet-to-be-functional IBAC.”

Secret TAFE documents confirm TAFEs will close due to savage government cuts - Greens

Documents labelled 'cabinet-in-confidence' obtained by the ABC expose plans for the closures or amalgamations of TAFE campuses including sell-offs of public assets and further course reductions, staff losses and increases in course fees.

"These documents show what we unfortunately expected due to the savagery of the government cutbacks to TAFE," Greens spokesperson for Education, Sue Pennicuik said today.  

"Our public TAFEs provide a pathway to over 365,000 Victorians every year. This government is destroying TAFE, leaving thousands of school leavers and retrainers with nowhere to go," she said.

Greens call for Inquiry into alleged training rorts

Greens spokesperson for Education, Sue Pennicuik MLC has given notice of a motion in the state upper house today calling for a parliamentary inquiry into alleged training rorts by private registered training organisations (RTO) in Victoria.

"There have been many, recent media reports that some private RTOs are providing less-than-adequate qualifications to students so that they are left without the qualification they enrolled for and may be ineligible for further subsidised study," Ms Pennicuik said.

Biggest strike for education in the history of Victoria

Today Victorian teachers were joined by librarians, administrative staff and IT technicians in the biggest education strike in the history of Victoria.

“Congratulations to all the teachers, principals and support staff for their massive show of support for the future of education in Victoria,” Greens spokesperson for Education, Sue Pennicuik MP said today.

“The Baillieu government promised that Victorian teachers would be the highest paid in Australia, but instead is offering them a paltry 2.5 per cent pay rise. Victorian teachers remain the lowest paid in the country, and Victorian schools remained the lowest resourced in the country.

Government and Labor need to admit mistakes and commit to restoring TAFE funding and winding back disastrous privatised VET system

Greens MP and spokesperson on Education, Sue Pennicuik, attended today's rally at parliament house in protest against the wrecking of Victoria's public TAFE system.

"It is incomprehensible that the state government seems to be determined to destroy our public TAFE system," Ms Pennicuik said. "TAFE has been built up over decades with taxpayer's money and has always been based on the principle of affordable and accessible training for all."