Basslink Groundhog Day | Australian Greens

Basslink Groundhog Day

Friday, June 17, 2016

Federal Labor leader Bill Shorten has joined the Liberals in throwing another lifeline to polluting coal-fired generators in Victoria by supporting a second Basslink cable.

“There is simply not the demand for more energy in Victoria until we start closing down polluting coal-fired generators as the Greens are proposing.”

“Tasmania’s priority right now should be to ensure energy security by investing in on-island renewable energy, large and small scale.”  

“Hydro’s dams were drained in record time with one Basslink – another cable would double the risk of another energy crisis.”  

“It’s no surprise to us that the old parties are delivering for the fossil fuel sector in return for the massive donations they receive.”

“Tasmania should only consider a second Basslink once there is a plan and timeframe to close Victoria’s dirty coal-fired generators.”

Senator McKim said that unlike the old parties who are addicted to fossil fuels, the Greens have a plan to take action to transform Australia’s energy system from one of the dirtiest in the world, to one of the cleanest.