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Statement from Party Room

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The following statement has been released by the Australian Greens Party Room following today's meeting:

To function as a national party room, and to be a genuine alternative to politics as usual, we need to have faith and trust in our processes. 

This issue has highlighted a structural issue that needs to be addressed.

It was in this spirit, the Australian Greens Party Room met today and resolved:

  1. The Australian Greens Party Room request that National Council work with Greens NSW to end the practice of NSW MPs being bound to vote against the decision of the Australian Greens Party Room
. - Supported by all MPs with the exception of Lee Rhiannon.

That NSW Senators be excluded from Party Room discussions and decisions on contentious government legislation, including within their portfolio responsibilities, until these issues are resolved. - Supported by all MPs, with the exception of Lee Rhiannon and Adam Bandt.

We remain committed to working together to achieve progressive political outcomes for all.

Senator Nick McKim, Acting Whip