Statement on preference arrangements for the 2016 federal election | Australian Greens

Statement on preference arrangements for the 2016 federal election

Monday, June 13, 2016

The Australian Greens have today confirmed that it has come to an arrangement regarding preferences with the Australian Labor Party that covers both houses of parliament and in all states and territories,

“The Greens will be recommending to voters that they put Labor ahead of the Liberals and Nationals in 139 of the 150 electorates across the country — including in all Labor/Liberal marginal seats and in the Senate,” said Penny Allman-Payne, Australian Greens Co-Convenor. The other 11 electorates will be 'open tickets'.

“At this election the Greens will be recommending to voters to preference the Labor Party ahead of the Coalition in more seats than ever before.

“While we think the Labor Party can do a lot better on the issues that matter to many Australians, like climate change and treating people seeking our help with decency, they are a better choice than the Liberals and Nationals.

“However, like we've said all along, some local branches will not want to instruct voters who to preference and as such the Greens will be issuing 'open How-to-Vote cards' in 11 Lower House seats.

“Our priority is to ensure a progressive senate and to prevent a conservative government and this arrangement reflects that.

“We are disappointed that the Labor Party ran such a vicious attack against the Greens and lied about a Greens-Liberal preference deal, when it appears that all along it was the Labor Party who was doing a deal with the Liberals.”

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