NT Greens announce Peltherre Chris Tomlins, Greens Candidate for Braitling in Mparntwe


NT Greens announce Peltherre Chris Tomlins, Greens Candidate for Braitling in Mparntwe

The NT Greens are pleased to announce Peltherre Chris Tomlins, Arrernte and Warlpiri Elder, as their candidate for Braitling in Mparntwe at the NT Election on August 22.

Peltherre Chris Tomlins grew up in East Side when it was parallel to Apartheid conditions and he wants attitudes in the whole of Mparntwe to change.

“I’m running as a NT Greens candidate for the election to use their political platform to heighten the responsibility that as adults, we must make sure that the children of our future generations are healthy and culturally connected. We must prioritise that kids stay on country and not get caught up in the criminal justice system, in custody. Our community must be youth centred. Keeping young ones out of the system and out of detention centres is preventing deaths in custody.”

“To have a safe and vibrant community, everyone has to make a change. The Police are no different and have to play a part in setting a good example with community values that are equal for everyone.”

Peltherre Chris Tomlins is the co-founder of the Bonnet Series, a program that under invitation from Elders on community, upskills participants with trade experiences with volunteers with long term trade skills and experience. The Bonnet Series also promotes a technology exchange for culture through art on country and in community.

Mr Tomlins believes that connection and protection of country is the same thing -

“Fracking in the NT must be banned forever. For the protection of our water, land and future generations we need to be changing to 100% renewable energy and industries that meet custodians and expert’s standards of protecting our environment”

The NT Greens policy to Stop Fracking and Unconventional Gas outlines that the NT Greens will:

Ban fracking and all new or expanded unconventional gas mining and underground coal gasification across Australia

• Give landholders including First Nations peoples the right to say no to gas mining on their land

• Protect water by extending the ‘water trigger’ to all types of unconventional gas mining

• Commission an independent study of the real climate impacts of gas mining

• Make gas companies clean up their own mess

Mr Tomlins is determined to hold the current government to account this election, “There’s a real need for change and it is now time for real community involvement, done by the people.”

Media contact: Jasmyn Sheppard, NT Greens Convenor 0484933111