Greens reject fracking pipeline | Australian Greens

Greens reject fracking pipeline

Friday, June 9, 2017

The Greens say the proposed Northern Territory North East Gas Pipeline stinks.

The Australian Greens May National Conference was held during May in Alice Springs.

Delegates attended the conference from all states and territories. Greens Parliamentarians presented on issues such as renewable energy and transitioning from fossil fuels, to housing affordability and the new economy.

They all agreed that the proposed pipeline stinks.

There was consensus between all Greens Member Bodies that the Australian Greens would throw their weight behind the NT Campaign to stop the pipeline development in the Northern Territory. The Pipeline is being built to transport fracked gas out of the NT to Mt Isa in Queensland or for export, in spite of NT Labor’s current public policy of a moratorium on fracking.

“There is overwhelming evidence that processes surrounding unconventional gas extraction pose the risk of irreversible damage to water aquifers ,” said Marli Banks, the NT Greens spokesperson for fracking.

“Over 90% of the Northern Territory is reliant on our underground water sources. Why would the NT Government be risking our health and livelihoods?”

There are over twenty six thousand proposed wells in the Northern Territory.