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Jodi pledges leadership forums for Alice Springs girls and young women

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Today Jodi Lennox has announced her commitment to women and girls in Alice Springs if she is elected to the Alice Springs Town Council.

“One of the key reasons I decided to stand for Council is because we need more women in leadership positions in our Town, having a say in the decisions that affect the lives of girls and women in our community.

“If elected, I am committed to using my position on Council to invest in the girls and women in our community. That’s what the Girls Change the World leadership program is all about.

Girls Change the World is about providing girls and women with a regular forum to get together and talk about the issues that affect them, projects they are working on and opportunities they are seeking.

“It is a way of connecting girls and young women with leaders in the community to provide mentorship, leadership and role models, support and to connect young women and girls with each other.

“I have always been passionate about supporting young people, particularly girls, and have been lucky enough to work in Alice Springs developing engagement and leadership programs for girls.

“That work made it really clear to me that one key step to helping girls and women fulfill their potential, is providing them with regular opportunities to connect with each other and with women who can provide mentorship and advice as they pursue their passions.

“I’m running for Council because I want to be a voice for the community on Council, particularly women and girls. For me, that also means investing in women and girls so they can develop their own voice in the community, or in their field of work or study.”

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