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Greens predict fracking backlash

The 2016 NT state election saw a landslide victory for Labor. CLP lost 14 seats with the promise to frack.

Greens condemn Education Minister's disregard for Indgenous languages

The NT Greens condemn the remarks of Liberal Federal Minister for Education and Training Simon Birmingham who this week denied the human right of Indigenous peoples to learn in their own languages  at Braitling Primary School in Alice Springs this week.

Jodi pledges leadership forums for Alice Springs girls and young women

Today Jodi Lennox has announced her commitment to women and girls in Alice Springs if she is elected to the Alice Springs Town Council.

Jodi launches campaign to be community voice in Council

Wednesday 3 July 2017

Today Jodi Lennox is launching her campaign to be the voice of the community in Alice Springs Town Council.

Greens question farming and fracking compatibility

The NT Greens have called into question the NT Government's commitment to horticulture.

Last week the Labor Government launched a prospectus identifying horticulture opportunities throughout the Northern Territory.

Greens reject fracking pipeline

The Greens say the proposed Northern Territory North East Gas Pipeline stinks.

The Australian Greens May National Conference was held during May in Alice Springs.

Not a Tsunami but a Green Tide for the NT

The Greens increased their vote in the Territory by 25%. The Greens were able to run twelve candidates in the previous NT election. This time, six candidates stood. So the 25% gain represents a significant increase of the Greens' vote.

Take Back Our Right to Choose

The NT Greens want Territorians with terminal or degenerative illness to have the right to seek assistance from physicians to have a dignified death at a time of their choosing. Matt Haubrick, candidate for Nightcliff, said:

Less Pokies and more live music

The NT Greens have promised to lessen the number of pokies in the Territory and commit to funding live music in pubs and clubs across the Territory.

CLP secretly signing Territory away

The Giles government secretly signed away 15,000 square kilometres of Northern Territory land for coal mining and exploration south of Alice Springs.