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Take Back Our Right to Choose

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The NT Greens want Territorians with terminal or degenerative illness to have the right to seek assistance from physicians to have a dignified death at a time of their choosing. Matt Haubrick, candidate for Nightcliff, said:

“We already voted for this in the Territory and had this right. But as soon as we did the powers that be down south took away our choice.

The Australian Greens have worked hard in federal parliament to ensure that Labor and Liberal power brokers can’t stifle our independence again. 


The other parties remain silent for fear of being punished by their southern masters a second time.”


The NT Greens know the community wants this right recognised, so individuals can seek assistance and make the choice when necessary.


Get in touch: 

Matt Haubrick: matt@nt.greens.org.au