"The idea that coal and gas corporations will pack up and leave if they are asked to pay a reasonable tax on selling our resources is laughable and frankly, an empty threat."

The Queensland Greens plan to raise an extra $20 billion over five years by increasing coal and gas royalties, and scrapping subsidies to multinational mining companies.

“It’s with great sadness that we’ve received the news that Larissa Waters will be resigning from the Australian senate,” Councillor Sri said today.

The Queensland Greens have called for immediate changes to the state government’s ID scanning laws in entertainment precincts, saying it is costing jobs, strangling small business and giving a free kick to casinos.

"No party can credibly claim to be rapidly reducing carbon emissions while simultaneously giving handouts to multinational coal companies." said Greens candidate for South Brisbane, Amy MacMahon today.

A story published today by the ABC website investigating compliance with political donation disclosure laws by One Nation and the Queensland Greens indicated that dozens of documents by the Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) "were withheld because they related to ongoing investigations."