Amy MacMahon and Rob Pyne join forces to fight corruption

Amy MacMahon and Rob Pyne join forces to fight corruption

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Today, Independent Member for Cairns, Rob Pyne and Greens candidate for South Brisbane, Amy MacMahon, announced their plan to tackle the stranglehold corporations and vested interests have over Queensland politics.

Rob Pyne and Amy MacMahon have joined forces to commit to pushing for four major reforms including:

  • banning for-profit corporate donations to Queensland political parties
  • banning ministerial cash-for-access meetings
  • strengthening the Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) to make public hearings the norm and expand the definition of corruption to include conduct that could result in disciplinary action
  • double the ‘cooling-off’ period for when Qld politicians can become lobbyists in retirement from 2 to 4 years.

“Queensland’s political system is broken, rigged to work in the favour of big corporations while the rest of us are left behind,” says Rob Pyne.

“What we have today is just a legalised version of cash-in-brown-paper-bags days of Joh Bjelke Petersen.”

Within the first 100 days of being elected to parliament, Amy MacMahon and Rob Pyne have pledged to break the dodgy stranglehold developers, dodgy corporations have on Queensland politics.

“If elected, we will move to amend laws to ban dodgy corporate donations, strengthen the CCC, our anti-corruption watchdog that was gutted by Campbell Newman, stop ministers offering cash-for-access meetings, and stop ex-politicians walking into plush lobbyist jobs in retirement,” says Amy MacMahon.

“Right now I am the only one standing up for Queenslanders in parliament against the dodgy corporations who are screwing us over. If Amy and I are elected in the upcoming state election I will have an ally,” says Rob Pyne.

“Our political system is being run by Labor and the LNP to work only for the few who can afford to make millions in political donations, and spend thousands buying political access, leaving behind ordinary Queenslanders,” says Amy MacMahon.

“Labor and the LNP make millions from donations and cash-for-access payments, they will fight tooth and nail to keep their dodgy system in place.”

“When I stood up against our rigged system, Labor mercilessly attacked me, which shows you where their true interests lie. This is why I have joined with Amy to make this announcement today. We desperately need more independent and third party voices in our parliament,” says Rob Pyne.

While Queenslanders suffer the lowest wage growth in a generation and thousands more struggle to find decent, secure work, Labor ministers are charging millionaires who represent big corporations $5000 to have fancy lunches. This has to stop,” says Amy MacMahon.

"Corruption in our political system should not be left to fester for years until we see forced resignations," says Rob Pyne.

"The CCC needs public hearings, a broader definition of corruption and expanded powers like the NSW ICAC."

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