This Budget is just more of the same in the face of growing inequality in QLD

This Budget is just more of the same in the face of growing inequality in QLD

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

"The top 10% in Queensland earn 8 times more than 90% of Queenslanders. There are 29,000 Queenslanders in need of a home."

“This budget is just more of the same from the Queensland Labor Government and does little to address the real reason people in Queensland are suffering - big corporations and privatisation." said Kirsten Lovejoy Greens' candidate for McConnel this afternoon.

"Wages in Queensland grew by 0.6% in the December quarter last year, while mining corporation profits surged by 46%. Yet mining corporations enjoy some of the lowest royalty rates in the world.”

Amy MacMahon Greens' candidate for South Brisbane said, “1 in 5 Queensland households are in financial stress as a result of unaffordable rents or mortgages and the government’s plan on housing will do nothing to solve the crisis.

"Building 4522 social housing dwellings over 10 years represents a continuation of the current rate of construction and will actually lead to drop in the proportion of social housing in Queensland."

"Income inequality in Queensland has continued to worsen under both Labor and LNP governments."

"We need an economic plan that asks mining corporations, property developers and gambling corporations to pay their fair share for the services, housing and public infrastructure we desperately need.”

"We need an economy that works for all Queenslanders, not just the wealthy few."

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