Greens attack Safe Schools funding cut

Greens attack Safe Schools funding cut

Friday, June 23, 2017

The Queensland Greens say the state Labor Government has hog-tied schools into compromising children’s safety by refusing to maintain funding for training in the Safe Schools program.

Greens candidate Kirsten Lovejoy said "By refusing to maintain Safe Schools funding, Queensland Labor have shown they lack the courage and commitment to school children shown by their southern colleagues in Victoria, Western Australia and the ACT.

"In Queensland, Labor have instead caved in to the misinformation and anti-gay, anti-trans agenda of the LNP and One Nation."

“Pretending all our schools are safe places is as make-believe as praying the gay away”.

“Politicians are failing our communities again – instead of them leading the way to build a safe and accepting society, they are helping to perpetuate misunderstanding, ignorance and bullying."

"Let’s get real here, this program is about saving lives and giving schools the help they need so their kids can safely be themselves.”

“Despite the Federal government’s cavalier disregard for our children’s wellbeing, Victoria, Western Australia and the ACT all recognise the value of the Safe Schools program and will continue to fund it, so why won’t Queensland do the same?”

“We have some great Principals and teachers out there making sure their schools are better informed and safe, but this attitude is not across the board and cutting Safe Schools funding that includes professional development training can only be seen as a backwards step”.

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