Greens shun preference deals, developer donations, and dodgy deals in Ipswich mayoral race

Friday, August 4, 2017

The Queensland Greens say they will not preference any candidate because no other candidate is fit to represent the people of Ipswich.

“We are the only party who don’t take donations from property developers and corporations”, says Greens candidate for Ipswich mayor and local activist Brett Morrissey.

“The other parties run pseudo candidates, hiding their allegiances to Labor and LNP, while taking money from developers and big business then returning the favours with dodgy deals.

“Ipswich people are sick of being cheated, sick of being screwed over by a broken system corrupted by developer and corporate donations, that doesn’t work for them.

“The Greens will work to end the corruption and shonky deals that hurt residents and wrecks their neighbourhoods.

“The Greens will listen to the community and implement their initiatives for the arts, town centre regeneration, housing, and public transport.

“The Greens will shine a light into the dark places in Council where some of the other candidates have been content to lurk.

“The Crime and Misconduct Commission are still investigating our current councillors behaviour in the last election, but for many of our current candidates it is just business as usual.

“The people of Ipswich know the Council has lost its way.

“I am listening and I will stand up for them, stand up to developers, blow the whistle on corruption and get the council working for the people of our city."

Media Contact: Max Chandler Mather 0488 199 015