Greens to tax vacant properties to fund affordable housing

Greens to tax vacant properties to fund affordable housing

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Under the Greens, houses and apartments left deliberately vacant in Brisbane will be taxed 5% every year, raising $800 million over five years.

Queensland Greens candidate for McConnel, Kirsten Lovejoy, said “Our housing system is broken. Right now there are 20,000 homeless people across Queensland while in Brisbane alone there are 21,000 houses and apartments sitting empty.”

“When there are more houses and apartments sitting empty than homeless people you know our system is broken.

“We will levy a 5% tax on the capital improved value of vacant properties in Brisbane to encourage wealthy property developers to start putting properties up for sale and rent.

"The Greens will use the $800 million raised to create universal access to housing and help build 1 million affordable homes. We will ensure every Queenslander can live with dignity in a home they can be proud of.

“The vacancy tax will be targeted at a small number of wealthy investors who deliberately leave properties empty, with a generous list of exemptions to include properties on the rental market, second homes for workers flying into Brisbane, and deceased estates.

“The Greens believe houses should be for people - not property developer profit."

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