Greens will renew push to take abortion off the criminal books

Greens will renew push to take abortion off the criminal books

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

On International Women’s Day Queensland Greens candidate for South Brisbane, Amy MacMahon pledges to introduce a bill to decriminalise abortion within the first 100 days of being elected.

“The Greens will support accessible, free and legal abortion: every MP, every vote, every time.” said Ms MacMahon.

“Despite support for decriminalisation from some Labor politicians, the party has proven itself unwilling to stand up for the health care rights of young women.

“Labor allows a conscience vote just to keep conservative Labor politicians who think women who have abortions are criminals happy.

“This is the Queensland Labor party shamefully choosing to put internal politics above the health care rights, the autonomy and the lives of young women.

“Abortion, a medical procedure, is a health care right. It is not a matter for the conscience of politicians, it is a matter solely for the women who choose to access one.

"When federal Labor cut the single parents’ pension under Julia Gillard, they didn’t allow a conscience vote, so why now?

“Why should politicians get to call the shots when it comes to our lives, our decisions and what we do with our bodies?

“Politicians are not the moral guardians of young women, and if they won’t listen we have to elect young women into our Parliaments to replace them”.

Media Contact: Amy MacMahon: 0478 124 794