Labor using taxpayer resources to sandbag inner city seats

Labor using taxpayer resources to sandbag inner city seats

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

“Documents obtained by The Energy Resource Insight proves that when Labor promised no special deals or public money for Adani they were lying through their teeth,” said Amy MacMahon, Greens candidate for South Brisbane.

“Labor are terrified of losing seats to the Greens in the inner-city. By asking the public service to create a special policy framework just for Adani, Labor have effectively used taxpayers money to justify the mine economically and hide the fact they are doing a special deal.

"They’ve used the public service to create a smoke and mirrors deal to hide what’s clear to everyone else. Labor are in the pockets of Adani.

“The Labor State Government are pathetic. In the absence of any real plan to address falling wages, growing youth unemployment, and a housing crisis all they can do is scramble to give a dodgy mining corporation public subsidies and secret deals.

"My question to the Labor government is what else aren’t you telling the public? How many lies are you willing to tell just to get elected?

"This mine will create no sustainable jobs, cost the Queensland taxpayer over 200 million dollars and will contribute to a dangerous climate crisis that will devastate Australia and the world.

"This is why we need Green, independent voices in state parliament. Queensland deserves real representation, not weasel words and dodgy deals with massive mining corporations.

"People have stopped voting for Labor and the LNP because they’ve been screwed over by a political system that always puts them last.

"And now we’ve caught a glimpse into that political system. Public servants scrambling to invent justifications for a billionaire’s crap mega-mine for a Labor Government desperate to do whatever it takes to ensure a dodgy mining corporation gets to screw over Queenslanders."

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