Queensland musician fights back against Labor’s attacks on the music industry | Queensland Greens

Queensland musician fights back against Labor’s attacks on the music industry

Thursday, May 4, 2017

For local musician and Greens candidate, John Meyer, taking on one of the Labor government’s key ministers, in a David and Goliath battle for the seat of Stafford, is personal.

The Greens have seen a steady increase in support in the northern suburbs of Brisbane and particularly in growth electorates like Stafford.

“I have been doorknocking my community and I have spoken to hundreds of Brisbanites about what was important to them and what they thought about our political system. They’re angry, frustrated and feel ignored.”

“My opponent in the next election is not only the cheerleader for the appalling Adani mine, but Anthony Lynham is also the minister responsible for the much maligned ‘lockout laws’ and Labor’s other poorly conceived laws impacting the arts.

“These laws could devastate my industry. As a working musician who makes my living in the night time economy, I worry about my future and that of my colleagues and friends in the live music and hospitality business.

“Lockouts are proven to be ineffective at addressing violence, and the consequences are dire for live music, the arts and the hospitality industry.”

“For a Government interested in jobs you would think it would preserve industries like this where so many young people find employment. Government should be investing in sectors that create jobs not destroying them.”

Meyer was instrumental in formulating the Queensland Greens’ Arts Policy and will soon be announcing a number of Arts initiatives, including the Greens plan to supercharge the music and gaming industries in Queensland.

“The arts is an innovation incubator. Young people have the solutions. They just need the support to make them happen. These initiatives will create jobs and increased economic activity, while also fostering connected communities through artistic practice.”

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