Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the coal billionaires

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Queensland Greens say the State Labor government should act immediately to help out struggling coal mining billionaires.

“If Adani’s mega coal mine goes ahead, it will reportedly funnel $3 billion to the Adani family via a company based in the tax haven of the Cayman Islands”, says the spokesperson for the Queensland Greens, Michael Berkman.

“It’s nice that Adani says it wants to help northern Queenslanders who are experiencing crippling economic stagnation and unemployment, but we all know this mine isn’t about jobs and isn’t about Queensland.

“It’s about Adani maximising their profits. 

“We call on Queensland Labor to send a message to Adani that the people of Queensland know they’re doing it tough and want to help them even if it comes at their own expense.   

“They have the power to stop Malcolm Turnbull from handing over $1 billion in public money to Adani, so perhaps they could rule out using that power.

“North Queenslanders don’t need proper investment in affordable housing, clean energy, public transport, schools or hospitals in their region, they’re OK with empty promises from a dubious multinational mining company backed by a State government addicted to political donations from big corporates.

“Besides, we understand Labor and the LNP probably feel a duty to pay back the mining corporations that give them millions of dollars in donations each year.