Statement from the QLD Greens regarding the disclosure of political donations

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A story published today by the ABC website investigating compliance with political donation disclosure laws by One Nation and the Queensland Greens indicated that dozens of documents by the Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) "were withheld because they related to ongoing investigations."

The Queensland Greens can confirm that our party is not under any investigation by the Electoral Commission, having clarified this directly with the ECQ.

The Greens have long campaigned for stronger and more transparent donation disclosure laws. We strongly support the new processes in Queensland which require rapid disclosure of political donations and the previous changes to reduce the disclosure threshold for donations back to $1000.

Our ultimate goal is to have a cap on the size of all political donations and electoral expenditure, and to ban donations from all for profit entities.

The ECQ conducts regular compliance audits of all parties, which the Greens welcome and appreciate as an opportunity to ensure we are always compliant with current laws.

For further queries on this matter, please contact Andrew Bartlett, Convenor of the Queensland Greens on 0418 743 789.