Far-right action against Melbourne’s African community condemned by Greens | Nina Springle

Far-right action against Melbourne’s African community condemned by Greens

Saturday, January 13, 2018

A social media post by far-right group True Blue Crew, suggesting it will be “taking a stand on the streets” against Melbourne’s African community, has been condemned by the Greens.

Activity on the group’s Facebook page shows a meeting is planned for Sunday afternoon in a secret location in Melbourne, in response to what it describes as the “AFRICAN OF APPEARANCE issue”.

The group has previously been involved with a violent protest against a new mosque, prompting concerns for public safety.

Quotes attributable to Victorian Greens Deputy Leader Nina Springle.

“This is pure opportunism from the far right movement. This wouldn’t be happening if not for sensationalist media reporting and comments from certain politicians.

“Given the violent history, the secrecy involved is especially worrying. If it is just an innocent meeting of concerned citizens, why hide the location?

“Comments from the likes of Malcolm Turnbull and Peter Dutton have needlessly inflamed the situation, and given the past behaviour of these groups, put the wider community at risk.

“Giving the far-right movement any extra fuel is completely irresponsible, and I would hope all politicians will forget about point-scoring and join me in taking a stand against this planned action.”

Quotes attributable to Australian Greens Leader Senator Richard Di Natale.

““I am deeply concerned about the news that a far-right group is planning to protest so called ‘African gangs’. This is despite claims from the Victorian Chief Commissioner that this description is inaccurate and counter-productive.

“We know that this far-right group has a history of violence, using the guise of community safety to launch racist attacks.

“Peter Dutton’s dangerous and politically motivated comments have contributed to a climate of fear and have emboldened these hate groups.

“The real danger to community safety isn’t the African-Australia community, it’s Peter Dutton’s divisive and hateful agenda”