Greens call for Baillieu to act on Wombat Forest mine | Australian Greens

Greens call for Baillieu to act on Wombat Forest mine

Friday, July 13, 2012

Victorian Greens MP Colleen Hartland says the Baillieu Government has had ample warning of community consultation flaws in the mining licence application process and must act.

"Last year it was Moorabool residents who were surprised to find that drilling was about to commence and that they may soon have a 2 billion tonne open cut coal mine on their land or nearby."

"Baillieu should have acted then, but instead we have another community around the Wombat Forest shocked to find that an open cut gold mine will be carved through the forest next to the historic Lerderderg River."

"The community consultation required for mining and exploration is completely inadequate. Communities around Australia are finding they have less rights than mining companies."

"The contrast couldn't be more stark in Hepburn. You have Hepburn Wind, a community owned and community driven project providing clean energy to residents and businesses. Then you have a mining company that wants to dig a half kilometre trench through wildlife habitat along a historic river and it seems they've hardly talked to anyone."

"If mining companies want to move into communities like Hepburn that value their natural environment, they should try running weekly stalls and extensive community consultation as Hepburn Wind did and see what response they get."

"Baillieu must step in and stop this project so the community can be adequately informed and consulted. The Government must enact legislation to ensure wider community consultation is required for any mining or exploration licence."

"Ted Baillieu is supposed to represent the people of Victoria, but at the moment he seems to only care for the interests of mining companies."