Greens challenge Premier to eat contaminated barra | Australian Greens

Greens challenge Premier to eat contaminated barra

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Greens MP Sam Hibbins has challenged the Premier to eat one of the Barramundi his government released into the Hazelwood pondage, following an Environmental Protection Agency warning that the fish carry potentially harmful chemicals.

The barramundi were released into water artificially warmed by the now defunct Hazelwood power station, despite the fish being unable to breed in this environment or survive when the power station stops heating the ponds.

“The government should have invested in a boxset of The Simpsons before spending 150,000 taxpayer dollars on this vote fishing expedition. Blinky the Three-Eyed Fish taught us that fish don’t do well in power station cooling ponds,” Sam Hibbins said.

“Ignoring the experts is one thing, but the Premier clearly didn't learn from Mr Burns’ political misfortune either,” he said.