Greens surge in council elections | Australian Greens

Greens surge in council elections

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Greens have elected extra councillors after a surge in the vote in yesterday's Victorian council elections.

“Our vote is surging, electing more councillors in the inner city. As the results come in next week from suburban and country councils, I expect us to elect new Greens there too,” Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber said.

Preliminary results:

Moreland: four Greens elected, up from two, with a spectacular doubling of the Green vote in South Ward Brunswick.

Port Phillip: three new Greens elected on a surging Green vote.

Banyule: strong chance of our first Green councillor, Peter Castaldo, in Griffin Ward.

Greater Dandenong: huge increase in the vote for current Green, Matthew Kirwan.

Yarra city: re-election of three councillors, with a real possibility of a fourth.

Melbourne city: re-election of two councillors