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Greens will fight Labor's rate cap push

Monday, May 5, 2014

Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber says the Greens will fight Labor's local council rate cap push.

"Councils deliver critical services such as childcare, maternal and child health, meals on wheels, libraries and infrastructure maintenance. These could all go into rapid decline if Labor's rate cap comes into place," said Greg Barber MLC 

"The costs involved in delivering these things go up faster than inflation, then there's the regular cost-shifting from state and federal governments, where new or expanded tasks are handed over to local government, without the funding to deliver them."   

"I'd like each Labor MP to personally explain where the 'wasteful spending' is in their local council budget and where the cuts should be made. Richard Wynne, Labor's local government spokesperson, can start with the Yarra Council budget, which is now out for public comment. I'd suggest Jennifer Kanis, Jane Garrett and Fiona Richardson can go next with their local councils."

"Daniel Andrews ought to ask some of his MPs who were local councillors under Jeff Kennett how well this policy worked."

"He talks about wasteful spending and lack of transparency; this is coming from the party who bought the desalination plant."



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