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I'll keep fighting for our stadium for women's sports

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Lidia Thorpe has expressed disapointment that the Andrews Government has failed to invest in the Darebin Sport Stadium in the 2018 Budget, a much needed community sport facility for women, when it can afford to pour lots of money into the AFL.

"I’ll keep fighting for funding for the Darebin Sports Stadium. Our women and girls urgently need quality indoor facilities for night games,” said Greens MP for Northcote, Lidia Thorpe.

“The Northcote Park netball team has to practice in cricket nets and travel to Bundoora to play. It’s not good enough.”

“I’ve called for the stadium to be called after Fiona Richardson because women’s equality is what she fought for. Girls should be able to participate easily in sports, just like boys.”

“The Government isn’t doing enough for community facilities, where there is real need,” said Ms Thorpe.

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