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Labor taking Victorians for a ride with Grand Prix funding

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Victoria is currently locked into running the Melbourne Grand Prix until 2023, and the Andrews Government pays approximately $60 million taxpayer in subsidies every year.

Victorian Greens Member for the Southern Metropolitan Region, Sue Pennicuik, says that the race has cost Victorian taxpayers close to $1 billion since it started in 1996 and suggested better ways to spend public money.

"The Victorian Government says it can only find $185 million for public housing renewals, yet has committed to forking out another $300 million over the life of the current GP contract.

"Housing minister Martin Foley says we have to sell off public housing land to pay for public housing upgrades - the member for Albert Park should look in his own backyard.

"Despite repeated requests by the Greens, the contract with Formula 1 remains a secret. What does the Andrews Government have to hide?

"We have concrete crowd figures for every major event in Victoria, yet for some reason this is too challenging with the GP, which is allowed to 'estimate' attendances every year despite receiving huge amounts of public money.

"We have to ask what is the role of the State Government? To provide long-term housing for Victorians, or to finance an overseas car race for one weekend a year,” Ms Pennicuik said.

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